Sunday, 27 April 2014

FinnSpring time

Check out my routes from FS -  a major finnish orienteering season opener, which this time took place on a very nice terrains close to the city of Salo.

 On Saturday I got no place in men's E class( most likely because of late entry), so was warming up in one of A classes. I really enjoyed the real orienteering after being completly bored by EOC fast terrains!

H21A3 part 1

H21A3 part 2
Big time loss on 16th happened due to unexpectedly poor map drawing. There is hell a lot of boulders below the cliff, which was a control point place. After searching them all I had nothing else to do, than  continue my search higher.
Got 2nd place, +1.33 behind the winner

In today's relay I  run with my teammates from Rasti-Kurikka on 2nd leg. Tapio Perä, who took 1st leg handed me over as 35th, 6.21 behind the lead.
Had started quite aggressively and in combination with short forking in the beginning I managed to gain back 16 positions already during 8 minutes of running!

I continued consistent orienteering for the rest of the course and even if I climbed one big hill, what I hadn't really have to do, on my way to 12 control (lost 1 minute there) I was kind of satisfied being changed from 2nd leg as number 8. My team finished 15th place in the end, which is quite ok for us.

Looking forward to 10-Mila next weekend, there I suppose to take 2nd leg again!

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